AMX 1000-Antimicrobial

Product Description: AMX 1000 is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial admixture for concrete and cementitious building materials.

Applications: Concrete/Cement structures where it is essential to inhibit the growth of damaging microbes.



  • Forms a permanent bond with the concrete infrastructure
  • Decreases the excessive corrosion induced by microbe growth
  • Capable of prolonging functional lifespan of concrete systems
  • Provides protection for the lifespan of the concrete



  • Added directly to concrete/cement mix
  • Does not alter the physical characteristics of the end product
  • Will not leach, wash away, or migrate
  • Does not adversely affect environment
  • Does not induce or promote microbial mutations
  • Eliminates the need for toxic or environmentally damaging treatments or chemicals
  • Stable to store and utilize


Functional Behavior:

AMX 1000 is a non-leachable, environmentally safe and bacterisotatic admixture. AMX 1000 maintains a positive ionic charge that electrically attracts negatively charged organisms, then ruptures the cell membrane, killing the microbe. AMX 1000 does not lose its ability to kill microbes. AMX 1000 also inhibits growth of microbic colonies, which normally flourish due to the porous surface of concrete structures and the man made environment of sewer or stormwater systems.

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